Randy Halprin

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For whatever reason you’ve decided to read my profile, I’m grateful!   
I’m not interested in what you can do for me but instead, the potential friendship that might be developed between one another.   
I seek no material gain or pity. I’m not one of those, "I’m so lonely!" guys and I don’t blame others for my problems.   
I’m an optimist and I definitely don’t believe that life is a lesson in futility.Nor do I believe that I’m defined by the mistakes of my past. I hope you want a friend and not a "pen-pal".
About me: Music is a passion and The Cure is my favorite band.  I’m a voracious reader; a lot of literacy fiction/classics/history…but please don’t think I’m pretentious, because I read comics as well; Batman, The Walking Dead!   
I’m a Sci-Fi geek as well. Loooove Star Wars. I like to write and humor is important to me.   
I can also be a goofball.

Take care!

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